Dwayne Johnson hosted the best episode of SNL’s 40th season (this may be debatable in your mind, but not mine), bringing his seemingly effortless blend of comedic timing and charisma to the stage in a series of sketches that were relentlessly funny. SNL had plenty of material to choose from when it came to airtime, so the fact that one of these great sketches went unaired is hardly surprising.

In the above cut-for-time sketch, Johnson plays a member of a local community theater which is hosting a special springtime show: The Dance of the Daisies. Throughout the hilariously childlike performance, Johnson and his adult co-stars have insecure internal monologues about their daisy dance. Just the visual of Johnson doing an elementary dance while dressed like a giant daisy is hilarious enough, but his internal monologue is hilariously performed, too — although Aidy Bryant almost steals the whole thing.

If it seems at all familiar, that’s because John Goodman starred in a similar sketch in 2013, The Dance of the Snowflakes, in which the same community theater of adult performers put on a similarly juvenile dance routine to welcome wintertime. That sketch was also a big highlight of the season, and this one might have been, too, if it ever aired.