Ever since the recent position changes that have taken place at Walt Disney Pictures, you'd imagine that they would try to spice up their movie slate with some shining new properties. But would you imagine one of those that they want to make shiny and new is none other than 'The Rocketeer'? Yep, believe it.

Last year 'Captain America: The First Avenger' put entertaining filmmaker Joe Johnston back in the spotlight. At the same time (arguably) his most popular film, 1991's 'The Rocketeer,' struck its twenty year anniversary. The nostalgia not only for the 1980s comic but the movie swept over a number of us this past summer.

Disney has decided to reboot it, says Vulture. But why this property? Well if you want to strip it down to its bones the picture is essentially another superhero origin story (like we need another one of those). At the same time, it's easy to argue the fact that there's still a number of people out there who don't know who The Rocketeer is ("The Rocka-who?"). The movie centered on Cliff, a young pilot who uncovers a prototype rocket pack that's been searched for by the FBI and all sorts of bad guys all at once. Actually, this sounds a lot like a working class version of Iron Man.

If you get the right script and a fun-loving director, maybe a reboot wouldn't be bad. But in a climate where we've seen a number of once great properties turned into cinematic mud through a remake, it's hard to get your hopes up. Either way, we're open to the idea.

What say you all? Do you think that they should remake 'The Rocketeer'?

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