Director Ti West has been on a roll lately, creating instant horror classics with 'The House of the Devil' and 'The Innkeepers.' His streak continues with the debut of 'The Sacrament' trailer, previewing his latest found-footage endeavor that follows two reporters on a journey to a remote "religious community" (aka a cult). Let's just say that what they find isn't nice or pleasant, which makes for a really chilling movie.

Like West's other work, 'The Sacrament' is a slow burn, spending its first half slowly lowering its heroes into an awful situation, while the second half forces these un-winnable scenarios upon them one after another. Despite Eli Roth's involvement as a producer, 'The Sacrament' is actually a fairly realistic horror film without too much gore or silly violence (the notion of a red-band trailer is actually pretty unnecessary). Instead, West and his team have made a film that's as dramatically grounded as possible and one where the horror actually hurts. Don't go into this hoping for a fun, ghostly romp, like 'The Innkeepers.' This is a movie that will burrow into your psyche and hang out for a little while.

Watch 'The Sacrament' trailer above and the new poster below, as the film will arrive on VOD May 1 and in theaters June 6. All serious horror fans should give it a shot.

The Sacrament Poster
Magnolia Pictures

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