Way back in July, we first heard that 'Sherlock,' 'Star Trek Into Darkness' and 'The Hobbit' star Benedict Cumberbatch was to take a dual role in 'The Simpsons' upcoming Valentine's-themed episode "Love is a Many-Splintered Thing." Now, thanks to a new clip from the episode, we've learned that Cumberbatch will take the role of not only England's Prime Minister, but 'Harry Potter' character Severus Snape as well! Make sense of Benedict Cumberbatch's 'Simpsons' appearance with a new clip inside!

2013 will prove to be a tremendes year for Benedict Cumberbatch filming a new season of 'Sherlock' before 'Star Trek Into Darkness' his theaters this May. This upcoming Sunday will see Cumberbatch undertaking the pop-culture rite-of-passage of lending voice to 'The Simpsons,' portraying both UK Prime Minister and 'Harry Potter' character Severus Snape in the same scene!

As revealed in Entertainment Weekly's clip of this Sunday's "Love is a Many-Splintered Thing," Cumberbatch voices both characters in the British film "Love, Indubitably," as Homer, Bart and a number of Springfield's spurned men watch for advice on how to win back the women for the holiday. The episode also sees the return of 'New Girl' star Zooey Deschanel's Mary Spuckler, for whom Bart again pines unsuccessfully.

Cumberbatch had previously earned the role in a somewhat unusual manner compared to most ‘Simpsons’ guest stars, as he puts it:

I was at a meeting in the same place The Simpsons is recorded and heard there was a part going in an episode. I said ‘I hate to muscle in here guys but could I record it?’ Next thing, I’m standing in a room with all those famous voices; Bart, Marge, Homer, Lisa.

Head on over to EW to hear Cumberbatch in action as both characters, and tell us in the comments if you'll tune in to 'The Simpsons' this Sunday for "Love is a Many-Splintered Thing"!