Still going strong after 24 seasons, 'The Simpsons' remains as relevant as ever with its ever-growing cavalcade of guest stars, and more recently, a life-size replica of Springfield landmarks at Universal Studios. Also keeping the show's magic alive will be 'Harry Potter' franchise lead Daniel Radcliffe, returning to the program for a second time to lend voice to an episode this fall.

As revealed by Entertainment Weekly, Radcliffe will lend his voice to a strange older boy named Diggs, who has a a passion for falconry and other hobbies that catch Bart's attention. Says 'Simpsons' executive producer Al Jean, "Diggs is a combination of Holden Caulfield, Finny from 'A Separate Peace' and the kids in 'Lord of the Flies' — only a little more screwed up."

Radcliffe previously appeared in the 2010 “Treehouse of Horror XXI” episode, in which he played the Dracula's vampire son, his relationship to Lisa parodying that of Edward and Bella of 'Twilight' fame. Jean recalled that Radcliffe's previous collaboration had endeared them to one another, as Radcliffe makes a habit of listening to 'Simpsons' DVD commentaries.

In addition to Radcliffe, ‘The Simpsons’ season 25 will feature appearances from 'Arrested Development' star Will Arnett, ‘SNL‘ vet Kristen Wiig, ‘Mad Men‘’s Elisabeth Moss, comic legend Stan Lee, and ‘The Newsroom‘ creator and acclaimed writer Aaron Sorkin.

Well, what say you? Will you tune in for Daniel Radcliffe's Springfield return later this year? What other guest stars would you like to see crop up on ‘The Simpsons’ next season?

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