There is nothing more exciting about 2013 than 'The Venture Bros.' season five. Sure, the new season of 'Game of Thrones' may appear to be the TV event of the year, but fans of witty, geeky, culturally literate late night animation know that the return of the Venture family is the real thing to get excited about. A new five minute "sneak peek" has made its way online and while it's light on plot details, it does promise more of what this show does best: absolute insanity.

Although it began as a simple but very funny riff on '60s comics and television, 'The Venture Bros.' has slowly molded its own unique, deep and surprisingly compelling universe that is as interesting as anything it parodies. Unlike most animated shows, it's also been unafraid to wildly shake up the status quo, maintaining a strict continuity as its characters evolve and make permanent changes to their lives and their world. It's truly one of the most satisfying shows on the air right now.

The sneak peek is little more than five minutes of seemingly random footage, most of it without dialogue or sound, but it looks wild, bizarre and gorgeous. There's a reason for those two year breaks between seasons: 'The Venture Bros.' is the handsomest animated show on TV and this footage is evidence of that.

The fifth season premieres on May on 19th.