It’s hard to believe The Venture Bros. has been airing for thirteen years, even with only six seasons to its name. That’s premium animation and finite resources for you, but we may finally have a heading on on Season 7, as reports point toward a late 2018 premiere.

According to the generally-reliable MantisEye, Adult Swim viewers captured a network bumper that explicitly identified “543 days since Season 6,” and “422 days until Season 7.” The post itself was uploaded on Thursday, but where Season 6 last aired in March of 2016, 422 days from now would roughly place Season 7’s premiere in November of 2018.

It was back in March of this year that series star James Urbaniak posted a recording start for Season 7, which would certainly fit the animation timeline. Separate reports have suggested Season 7 will consist of ten episodes (up two from the prior seasons), as well that producers would be working on an eighth season simultanously.

Shortly before the 2016 finale, series creators Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer already had a Season 7 premiere fleshed out, owing to a mix-up in Season 6's episode count that forced them to postpone their finale idea in favor of the less-climactic “Red Means Stop.” The pair have also pondered making Season 7's premiere an in-between special, as became of “All This and Gargantua-2,” though both noted the story was on a smaller scale.

We might learn more official details around New York Comic-Con, but will a fall 2018 wait be worth it for more Venture Bros.?

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