Good news fans of Jennifer Love Hewitt, her cleavage and otherwise trashy-but-lovable guilty pleasure TV shows on Lifetime! 'The Client List' has been renewed for a second season!

It's this kind of exciting news that needs a certain amount of celebration and what better way to celebrate than with a celebration of the show itself. More specifically our favorite animated GIFs from Season 1 of 'The Client List.'

We can't admit to ever, you know, watching 'The Client List' but if it's anything like these ten GIFs from the show, we might have to add it to our DVR schedule. (Alas, Lifetime's official press photos for each episode show slightly less salacious photographs including hugging kids, eating dinner and parent-teacher conferences.)

We're still talking, which is strange because I'm sure you're scrolling past all these pesky words to get to the Jennifer Love Hewitt GIFs're not even reading this are you?

Fair enough. Enjoy our favorite animated GIFs from 'The Client List' below.