Only a few precious Sundays stand between us and 'The Walking Dead' season 4's 2014 premiere "After," but while most will be busy with the big game this coming Sunday, AMC has yet another chilling new trailer for its horror smash's winter return. Rick looks worse than ever, while Daryl races around a graveyard in the latest spot for 'The Walking Dead''s 2014 return, but has another promo revealed a major character return?

Retreading some familiar ground in Rick and Carl's post-prison adventures, the new 'Walking Dead' season 4 spot at least gives a bit of focus to everyone's favorite post-apocalyptic survivor Daryl, racing through graveyards with his new companion Beth. We also see Tyreese struggling to survive with both Lizzie and Mieke in tow, but what happened to the other children we last saw him with?

Not to mention, what of another recent TV trailer that shows an unidentified figure menacingly gripping a gun when Tyreese turns around to face them? Might another survivor have made their long awaited return, running into the worst possible member of the displaced prison group?

It remains to be seen when we’ll catch up with the other survivors, though we at least know of a trio of new faces will cross paths with one of the divided groups. The Governor certainly won’t be back (or will he?), meaning the survivors will likely encounter some new dangers out on the open road, as well. We also saw the first photos of the latter eight episodes, featuring a terrified Carl and Michonne making do for company in their own respective ways!

February 9 is almost here, so check out the latest 'Walking Dead' season 4 trailers above and below, and give us your predictions for "After" in the comments!