For as many cliffhangers as the recent 'The Walking Dead' midseason finale, "Too Far Gone," left us, few were as devastating as one not even posed within the hour, namely Carol's whereabouts! We're sure Rick's words will prove true in that the ascendant survivor will find a new group before long, but has a new set of spoilers for the 2014 return revealed when we'll see her next?

It took Morgan (Lennie James) a full two seasons to show himself after parting ways with Rick in the pilot episode, but have no fear, Carol fans, for Daryl Dixon's main squeeze will return before long. According to TVGuide, we'll manage to catch up with Carol before the end of the season, so hopefully Daryl won't have gotten too cozy with Beth before Carol finally finds her Pookie again.

Elsewhere, another interesting tidbit reveals that we'll learn the significance of the mysterious radio broadcast that caught Daryl's attention before he, Michonne, Bob and Tyreese drove smack into the middle of a 7,500-piece walker herd. Calling itself "The Sanctuary," the safe haven will presumably present itself (or at least merit a mention) before long, but whether or not another group of survivors inbound to the series have any part in it remains to be seen.

'The Walking Dead' season 4 will return for its latter half on February 9, but what say you? Where do you think we'll find Carol next, now that the prison has fallen? Will she reunite with Daryl, or Tyreese and the little survivors first? Give us your predictions for 'The Walking Dead''s 2014 return in the comments!