The structure of 'The Walking Dead' season 4's latter half has proven increasingly difficult to pin down, with last week's "Still" focusing solely on Daryl and Beth and this coming Sunday's "Alone" returning to the unlikely duo, along with Maggie, Bob and Sasha. The latest sneak peek reveals a learned lesson for Daryl and Beth, while a new interview points to some interesting villains looming on the horizon ...

Whereas the first sneak peek of this coming Sunday's latest 'Walking Dead' installment saw Maggie, Bob and Sasha fighting for their lives against walkers in the fog, the newest clip slows things down a bit with Daryl and Beth, the latter of which evidently took their time last week to heart, now apparently training with Daryl's crossbow. Meanwhile, here's what the ever-cryptic AMC had to say of "Alone":

As one group finds what may be an ideal shelter, another group comes to realize that the best protection comes from those around them.

It's hard to say exactly which clause refers to which group, or if either has anything to do with the mysterious "Terminus" we keep hearing so much about, though we can at least answer one question about the final four 'Walking Dead' installments of season 4, namely that Jeff Kober and his mysterious band of home invaders seen throughout "Claimed" were not a one-off appearance. AMC wouldn't offer any additional details on the group, but series creator Robert Kirkman at least confirmed in an interview that we'd see them again:

I think it would be very strange if we didn’t since [Jeff Kober]’s such a recognizable actor. It was kind of by design. I’m actually really proud about how it all ended up. It’s almost hard to spot him the way things are edited and the way the episode goes. His character is definitely going to be returning again and it will happen when you least expect it.

You can check out the sneak peek of Sunday's "Alone" above, but in the meantime, what do you think? Will either Daryl or Beth make it through the hour, given their spotlight last week? What about Maggie, Sasha and Bob? And what other dangers, human or other, might crop up along the way?

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