We’re still treading in spoiler territory here, but those in disbelief at the shocking twist of last night’s Walking Dead outing “Thank You” may officially have been vindicated. A new photo and report seemingly confirms what many fans have suspected, as well as the introduction of the series’ next big bad to come.

You’re warned of EVERY POSSIBLE SPOILER from The Walking Dead Season 6 from this moment on, but rest assured, Glenn fans - our beloved pizza delivery boy lives. Not only can we officially spot Steven Yeun on set filming scenes yet to air (and notably wearing a different outfit than last night’s climactic fakeout), but The Hollywood Reporter sources note that Yeun re-upped his contract recently, and isn’t likely to be exiting just yet.

Compounding the overwhelming evidence of Glenn’s survival (and here’s where things get really spoiler-y), THR also cites sources that seemingly confirm literary big bad Negan’s introduction in the Season 6 finale, a character whose first (and last) interaction with Glenn remains distinctly memorable for the series. Granted, confirmation of Negan’s introduction doesn’t guarantee that Glenn will fulfill the same role as we’ve come to expect, though cast and crew have frequently addressed their interest in arriving at the famed sequence.

It’s also worth noting that yes, Jon Bernthal, Sara Wayne Callies, David Morrissey, Lawrence Gilliard and more have all appeared on the series after their respective character deaths, which could paint Glenn’s above appearance as a hallucination of sorts, but honestly, why? And whose? We looked into past trailers, observing that AMC cleverly excluded any footage of Glenn beyond what we’ve already seen, though we can at least spy Maggie out on a mission with Aaron in the sewers.

The circumstances of Glenn’s death also prevented anyone from observing or confirming the loss, making it overwhelmingly likely Maggie will venture outside Alexandria to find Glenn, dead or alive. Lauren Cohan isn’t anywhere to be found in the above photo, but are we to believe Rick, or Daryl perhaps, start hallucinating a refreshed-looking Glenn in the same scene spotlighting such a major addition as Paul “Jesus” Monroe?

Conjecture, granted, but why sign a new contract for only a handful of episodes? Why all the telling rigmarole of excluding Glenn from Talking Dead’s “In Memoriam,” declining a post-show interview with Steven Yeun, and reading a prepared statement from the showrunner? Come on, guys. It’s time to call this one.



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