Last night's all-new 'The Walking Dead' episode, "Isolation," saw Rick realizing he had a killer on his hands, but that's to say nothing of Daryl, Michonne, Bob and Tyreese, who have about 7,500 to contend with! Next week's "Indifference" will pick up with Daryl's group out on the run from a herd of walkers, but will the fab foursome manage to ditch their ravenous fans in an abandoned building or end up trapped in the latest sneak peek?

Amid the babbling incoherence of shock rocker and future 'Once Upon a Time' star Marilyn Manson on 'Talking Dead,' show host Chris Hardwick premiered the latest look at next Sunday's new 'Walking Dead' episode, "Indifference," which sees Daryl and the group's latest attempt to find a quiet spot away from the walkers interrupted by, you guessed it, more walkers. We're not sure if the money shot of all 7,500 walkers will play a part in the threat level next week, but even if the group manages to escape the herd, there's still that 50 or so miles off course without a car they're faced with.

Then again, we can think of a few impending comic characters to join the scene who might know a thing or two about handling herds, so will Daryl and his group meet a few new friends along the way? Will Tyreese finally go down swinging, or will Bob make a sacrifice play? Check out the latest 'Walking Dead' sneak peek of "Indifference" above, and give us your predictions in the comments !