Walking Dead fans may have found themselves disappointed by Sunday’s most recent outing “Always Accountable,” not solely for failing to resolve Glenn’s fate, but also two mystery characters who left an impression with Daryl, and not much else. Speculation ran abound, but now AMC may have confirmed the comic identities of said characters, itself a major comic setup of our Season 7 big bad.

You’re warned of full spoilers through Sunday’s latest Walking Dead Season 6 outing from here on out, as well as some of the comics, but as many fans noted, “Always Accountable” failed to provide a name for the blond man (Austin Amelio) fleeing through the woods with two female companions, who himself first appeared in the Comic-Con trailer.

Based on the likelihood that the trio’s pursuers represented comic villains The Saviors, many speculated the blond man to represent comic character Dwight. For those unfamiliar with the character, readers first met Dwight as one of Negan’s reluctant lieutenants with a significantly burned face, a common practice carried out after Dwight reconnected with his wife Sherry, who herself had been taken for one of Negan’s concubines. The character also wields a crossbow, much like the one the two AMC figures ended up stealing from Daryl.

Granted, little about the episode could confirm Amelio’s character as the AMC incarnation of Dwight, as even photos of the hour only identified him as “D” and his female companion “Honey.” That is, until The Walking Dead’s official Twitter account posted the following, more than once:

For what it’s worth, we reached out to AMC for confirmation, or at least a comment on the matter in light of what the account tweeted, and were told “AMC can’t respond to ongoing or future storylines.” One imagines that if the account had simply jumped the gun or made a mistake, the network would be willing to address the error. Adding to that is the “future” emphasis, given that Amelio previously tweeted (and now deleted) that he’d return to set around the finale.

Many have also suggested Amelio’s as the voice heard on the other end of Daryl’s walkie-talkie asking for help, but have we really met the comic incarnation of Dwight? Will his face end up as gruesome as its counterpart, perhaps for attempting to flee the Saviors with Honey? What about the crossbow, which in the comics ended up serving a deadly purpose? (SPOILER WARNING)

We’ll hopefully find out more by Sunday’s penultimate 2015 installment “Heads Up,” trailers of which you can find below.

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