Fans' wanted 'The Walking Dead' to bring the hammer down, and AMC will not disappoint.  Amid fervent rumors and speculation that former 'The Wire' star Chad Coleman would take the role of 'The Walking Dead' comic fan-favorite Tyreese in an upcoming episode, we finally have confirmation.  The hammer-wielding Tyreese will indeed make his way into 'The Walking Dead' season 3, with Coleman in the role!  However, given the character's introduction in the book, what might AMC change for the part?

'Walking Dead' fans rejoice, the next great comic character is upon us.  While Robert Kirkman's comic book introduced the ex-football player Tyreese before Rick's group even made it to Hershel's farm, TVLine has confirmed that the character will indeed make his rumored appearance in an upcoming episode, as played by former 'The Wire' star Chad Coleman.

Given that AMC's version has long since gotten off the farm, and settled into the two respective locations of the the prison and idyllic Woodbury, it seems likely that Tyreese will first be introduced as a resident of Woodbury, if not a new arrival. It could also happen that Rick simply encounter Tyreese out on the road, as in the books.  The character went on to become Rick's trusted right-hand man, sharing romantic interest with both Carol and Michonne, which personally has us rather nervous about Norman Reedus' Daryl Dixon!

With Coleman's Tyreese said to debut in the eighth episode and mid-season finale "Made to Suffer," it remains to be seen if the AMC series will include Tyreese's daughter Julie, or her boyfriend Chris.  Fans of the comic series well-know that Julie played a key part in introducing a specific bit of mythology to 'The Walking Dead,' one which has already been explained in the AMC series.

What say you?  Are you excited to see Chad Coleman as Tyreese on 'The Walking Dead?'  How do you think the character will be modified for the series?

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