Even if 'The Walking Dead' season 3 might have let some down with its ambiguous finale "Welcome to the Tombs," there can be no denying that the acclaimed AMC drama once again raised the bar with its visual FX and inventive zombie kills. While we undertake the long shamble toward 'The Walking Dead' season 4, check out a compilation of season 3's best effects and kills, with an insight into how the shots were put together!

'The Walking Dead' can run the gamut from its best episode to its worst, but its effects have always been top-notch across the board. As a testament to that fact, VFX producers Stargate Studios have officially released their season 3 FX reel, highlighting the computer-generated and practical effects that helped Rick Grimes and his fellow survivors fight the dead and fear the living week after week.

We continue to wait for news of 'The Walking Dead' season 4, from new characters to series regular promotions from within, but no doubt the zombie-killing katanas and machete swings will prove even more visceral in the seasons to come, with seamless effects to match.

Check out the behind-the-scenes look into 'The Walking Dead' season 3 with the effects reel below, and tell us what you think in the comments! What was your favorite zombie kill of the season?