Just when you thought the uproar surrounding AMC's decision to renew 'The Walking Dead' for season 4 without show-runner Glen Mazzara had died down, 'Sons of Anarchy' creator Kurt Sutter has stoked the fires once again. Previously Sutter attacked AMC for their frequent show-runner turmoil, leading 'Walking Dead' creator and AMC executive producer Robert Kirkman to comment on Sutter's words over Twitter. Now, Sutter has gone positively nuclear, slamming both Kirkman and AMC for a lack of knowledge in show-running in his latest video blog entry. Will the madness never cease?

Sound the alarm, 'Sons of Anarchy' show-runner Kurt Sutter is on the warpath once again. Following Robert Kirkman's response to Sutter's attack on AMC over 'Dead' show-runner Glen Mazzara's dismissal, Sutter has launched the most scathing salvo yet on his personal blog, describing Kirkman as "[knowing] very little about TV."

"Robert is an amazing visual artist and a graphic artist, [but] he knows very little about TV," claims Sutter in the 12-minute video. "And the reins keep going back to him in this process, and he doesn't know how to run a show. Comic books and TV are two very different mediums, and consequently those visions keep colliding [on 'The Walking Dead']...as a result people like Darabont, people like Glen Mazzara, keep going away."

Sutter previously rushed to defend Mazzara for his departure of 'The Walking Dead,' the two having worked together on FX's 'The Shield.' Fellow 'The Shield' producer and ousted 'Last Resort' show-runner Shawn Ryan also criticized AMC for the debacle, given the network's similar show-runner struggles with 'Hell on Wheels,' 'Breaking Bad,' and 'Mad Men.'

Sutter even offered his own thoughts on 'The Walking Dead's future, praising producer Gale Ann Hurd's difficult position, while acknowledging his own outside status with the controversy (via Zap2It):

The show has tremendous following, has legs. They're going to plug somebody else, some pour soul, in there...my sense is they won't even hire a show-runner. They'll throw a s---load of executives at it and [elevate] a poor sap on the writing staff...And that poor sap will ultimately be just expediting the notes and the vision of non-creative people, or at least non-creative TV people.

That'll work for a minute. In Season 4, when this will all happen, the numbers will be big, and people will show up. Will it continue to do well? No. My sense is that without somebody like a Glen Mazzara running that show, eventually it will lose focus and the narratives will run out of steam, and it won't be able to build off of itself, and it will suffer.

'The Walking Dead' will return February 10 with "The Suicide King," the remaining 8 episodes of season 3 still under Glen Mazzara's leadership. Do you think Sutter has a point with his rants? Will AMC or Robert Kirkman retaliate once more? What about Glen himself?

Watch Kurt Sutter's rant below, and give us your thoughts on 'The Walking Dead' season 4 controversy in the comments!

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