The other day gave us a look inside the set of 'The Walking Dead' season 4, wherein series creator Robert Kirkman previewed all the new additions to the prison set that have sprung up in the months since Rick Grimes and his tight-knit band of survivors accepted an influx of Woodbury's population. Those new bodies may simply prove meat for the grinder however, judging by the latest "breach" in an all-new 'Walking Dead' season 4 spot!

Though brief, the new look at 'The Walking Dead' season 4 sees a frantic Glenn warning the others that walkers have managed to find their way into the prison once again, haplessly chowing on the helpless Woodbury survivors. Daryl and Glenn are quick to respond to the threat, but how did the walkers get inside in the first place? Might we have another saboteur in our midst?

While we await the latest details from ‘The Walking Dead’ season 4, the next run of the AMC horror-drama will introduce ‘The Wire’ star Lawrence Gilliard, Jr. as comic character Bob Stookey, and upgrade actors Chad Coleman, Sonequa Martin-Green and Emily Kinney to series regulars. AMC earlier confirmed that David Morrissey would also return in season 4 as a series regular, though beyond that seems unlikely. The series is confirmed to have begun casting three new roles exceptionally familiar to comic fans, so let’s speculate on who dies this season to fit them in!

Check out the latest look at 'The Walking Dead' season 4 in the teaser above, weigh in on who's going to bite the big one this year, and give us your predictions for October 13 premiere "30 Days Without an Accident" in the comments!