Just when you thought The Walking Dead Season 5 couldn’t get any bigger, between monster ratings, 16 episodes and a brand-new world introduced this past Sunday, the March 29 finale will prove the meatiest yet. AMC’s zombie smash has officially extended its finale runtime, closing out The Walking Dead Season 5 with a full 90 minutes.

Though The Walking Dead has frequently pushed runtimes in its first few seasons, the March 29 Season 5 finale installment will prove the longest yet from a formal standpoint, running a full-size 90 minutes. It remains to be seen if Talking Dead will follow suit with an expanded episode, or lend part of its own timeslot to the Dead closer.

In the meantime, so reads AMC’s always-descriptive synopsis of next Sunday’s “Remember”:

The group has a difficult time molding to a new lifestyle, forcing them to consider whether they can be the people they once were.

The Walking Dead Season 5 finally got around to introducing us to the walled community of Alexandria, but it remains to be seen how well Rick and his cohorts will fit in, let alone if they decide to stay for a significant portion of the series. We’d imagine that the March 29 finale expanding to 90 minutes certainly doesn’t bode well for any town meetings or bake-offs, anyway.

“Remember” your first preview of next week’s Walking Dead installment below, and start gearing up for all 90 minutes of our Season 5 finale next month!