AMC had a special treat at The Walking Dead panel at Comic-Con 2015 — a very extended trailer for Season 6, which pits Rick and Morgan’s factions against one another as both men are determined to best the other in the ultimate, desperate fight for the future and survival of humanity.

“I know Rick. He’s dangerous. I can stop him.” This is what Morgan says to his group in preparation for the coming showdown. In addition to the ongoing Walker threat, Season 6 continues to prove that the greatest threat to humanity is humanity itself. The whole cast was on hand at today’s Comic-Con panel, teasing an exceptionally intense and horrific season to come, and you get a real sense of that from the trailer, which escalates from foreboding drama to outright, violent chaos.

Ethan Embry joins Season 6 in a new recurring role, while we’ve also been promised the debut of comic book character Negan.

Thus far of The Walking Dead Season 6, we know that Straight Outta Compton star Corey Hawkins has joined the series in the comic role of Alexandria runner Heath, while showrunner Scott Gimple teased that Season 6 would fill in certain comic backstory. Apart from the face-off between Rick and Morgan, Season 6 has also released a few photos previewing return characters like Rick and their adjustment to life in Alexandria.

The Walking Dead Season 6 will undoubtedly reveal more details in the lead up to its October premiere, but until then, feel free to feast on the trailer above and stay tuned for more from AMC’s beloved zombie drama.

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