No one on The Walking Dead ever looks happy or in good health, so it’s appropriate that the latest image from the show’s sixth season showcases Andrew Lincoln and some fresh battle scars. To be fair, Rick Grimes does look a little better than he has in past seasons. That crazy look in his eyes vanished along with the beard (but you just know it’s always ready to return at the drop of hat).

The image comes to us courtesy of EW, who speculate that Rick’s wounds are the result of our hero’s violent scrap with Pete at the end of Season 5. That would mean that Season 6 either picks up directly after the events of the season finale or takes place a short time after. Then again, this is The Walking Dead. He could have just gotten in another fight. Because that’s what Rick does — if he’s not shooting the dead, he’s brawling with the living.

The Walking Dead obsessives will also note that Rick isn’t wearing his new constable uniform. So start your engines, speculators! Has Rick been stripped of his new duties as Alexandria’s local enforcement or is he simply taking the day off? In either case, it won’t be long until the whole place burns down and everyone moves on anyway. Thus is the way of The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead Season 6 will premiere this fall, but expect tons of new details (and a new trailer) to arrive with the show’s Comic-Con panel this Friday.


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