Anyone keeping up with 'The Walking Dead' season 3 knows that after last Sunday's episode "When the Dead Come Knocking," the zombie guts are about to hit the fan with mid-season finale "Made to Suffer." Not only are Rick and his group just outside the Woodbury Walls, ready to strike and take back their friends, but the Governor himself has some dastardly plots of his own! And while we wouldn't dream of spoiling the episode, what about the latest promo might have you doing a double-take?

Spoilers much? We love dabbling in the juicy gossip surrounding the latest season of 'The Walking Dead,' in particular we were thrilled to see the first appearance of Chad Coleman's Tyreese in a recent overseas promo, but the latest might have gone too far. Not only is a very specific, comic book-adapted fate for one of the series regulars presented in the latest foreign promo for "Made to Suffer, but the return of a major character as well!

We won't tell you who it is or what their presence in the video below could indicate, but suffice to say that many a 'Walking Dead' fan will scream at their computer screens the moment they see it.

At your own risk, check out the latest promo for 'The Walking Dead's' mid-season finale "Made to Suffer" below, and give us your season 3 predictions in the comments!