With only two episodes left until 'The Walking Dead' takes a mid-season break until 2013, the AMC zombie-killer drama will begin to move at an even more breakneck speed, if that were possible.  Both Woodbury and the prison are about to collide in a major way, but whose loyalties will be tested?  Will Michonne see anything different about the increasingly unstable Rick?  Will Glenn or Maggie crack under the weight of The Governor's pressure?  Where will Daryl's allegiance fall when he learns of his brother's survival?  Check out the latest photos from "When the Dead Come Knocking" for a taste!

We've really got to hand it to Michonne for bringing together all our 'Walking Dead' favorites, even by accident.  If the stoic sword-swinger had simply accepted Woodbury rule, she wouldn't have left the idyllic town, accidentally led Merle to Glenn and Maggie, and ended up at the prison in need of medical assistance!

Still, what's done is done, and Rick will have to keep it together with his group if they ever hope to see Glenn or Maggie again.  Judging by the latest photos from Sunday's all-new "When the Dead Come Knocking," it doesn't take all that long for Michonne to come to an understanding with the prison survivors, and lead them through the woods to find their friends!  Plus, look how nicely Oscar continues to fit in!  One big happy zombie-killing family.

What do you think the final two episodes of 'The Walking Dead' this year will bring?  Will Daryl come face to face with his brother?  Will the Governor learn the location of the prison?  Where's Tyreese in all of this?  Check out the latest photos from "When the Dead Come Knocking" below, and give us your predictions in the comments!