The Watch’ remains a tough movie to figure out … and we’re only weeks away from the comedy reaching theaters. Usually by now, a film has laid 90% of its cards on the table. But we’re still not sure if ‘The Watch’ is more raunchy dude humor or whiz-bang sci-fi effects. Or will it be a healthy mix of both? The newest clip sheds a little light on the mystery, shifting focus directly on the “raunchy” rather than the “whiz-bang.” Though there is some whizz.

We know that the film rests on the comedic talents of Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn and Jonah Hill. They play members of a suburban neighborhood watch group who encounter something alien … though the true-crime circumstances surrounding Trayvon Martin in Florida forced Fox to downplay the “watch” angle and take a different approach.

Summer 2012 could use a big comedy. ‘The Dictator’ had its moments, but Hill’s ’21 Jump Street’ remains the funniest mainstream comedy we’ve seen this year, and that’s dating all the way back to March 16. Will ‘The Watch’ bring the funny back to the blockbuster season? If the above clip made you laugh even once, there’s hope.

We had a longer international 'The Watch' trailer on the site earlier. Now we’re sending you into the weekend with this fresh clip. 'The Watch' opens everywhere on July 27.