Remember those classic monster movies that Universal is planning on rebooting in the next few years? The Mummy — not a Brendan Fraser vehicle this time — is set to come out next year, and the studio is also gathering a team for the upcoming Wolf Man movie scheduled for 2018. Today, they announced that they’d found their screenwriter, and he seems pretty promising.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, David Callaham, whose past credits include crazy action flicks like The Expendables and Doom is sinking his teeth into the script for The Wolf Man. It should also be mentioned that Callaham also worked on Gareth Edwards’s fantastic 2014 Godzilla, and is also the guy behind Amazon’s Jean Claude Van Johnson, so he knows how to handle updating a classic.

Universal’s monster movie slate has all the big names: along with the Mummy (starring Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe) and the Wolf Man, they’re also redoing Dracula, Frankenstein, the Invisible Man, and the Bride of Frankenstein. We don’t know yet whether or not  these will be straight action/horror flicks, or how loyal they stay to their predecessors’ tones and storylines. The original 1941 The Wolf Man was directed by George Waggner and follows a man who becomes a werewolf after he’s bitten by one when returning to his hometown.