We're about as excited for 'The World's End' as we are for any Edgar Wright directed film...meaning that we're excited about it a whole bunch. Like "if we could only see one movie in 2013, it would be this one." Thanks to some schedule changes, it looks like we'll get to see the latest from Wright and frequent collaborator Simon Pegg sooner than we expected.

Originally scheduled for October 25th, 'The World's End' has been pushed forward two months to August 23rd, letting it close out the summer movie season instead of help open the fall movie season. It's probably too early to wildly speculate about the change, but we hope the move is a sign of confidence in the project -- the summer, even the tail end of it, is a slightly riskier place for the latest effort from some niche, although brilliant, talents.

Strangely, 'The World's End' isn't the only apocalyptic comedy coming out this summer. Seth Rogen's star-studded 'This is the End' opens on a month and change earlier on June 14th and while movie fans will have no problem distinguishing between the two films, it'll be interesting to see how the masses treat both films, which seem to deal with similar subject matter despite taking place on opposite ends of the Atlantic. In fact, it'll be fascinating to compare the two films, as both boast an ensemble of tremendous talent from their respective countries.

With the release date pushed forward, we should expect to start seeing more from 'The World's End' very soon and we wouldn't be surprised at all if it makes an appearance at this year's San Diego Comic Con. If Focus wants to position this is a summer release, the Comic Con bump will be all-but-required.

We'll keep you posted as we learn more.