Get ready for Barmageddon! Director Edgar Wright and Focus Features have released the theatrical 'Word's End' trailer, and it's exactly what we expect from the guy who brought us 'Shaun of the Dead.' Only this time there's aliens...or robots or something.

Remember that one teaser-y look we got not too long ago? Well this brings more of the hijinks to a new level in the face of a semi-apocalypse.

The "Cornetto" trilogy of Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost that began with 'Shaun of the Dead' is heading towards the end with 'The World's End,' in which a group of friends return to their hometown to complete a 12-bar pub crawl even though the town has been taken over by robots that spew blue, ink-like blood when you crack 'em open.

Wright debuted the new 'World's End' trailer on Yahoo Movies, and all the joking around and shenanigans that pop up throughout this fuller look have us even more intrigued to see Pegg and Co. fight off some evil robots. We're wondering how they'll be able to maintain their buzz...

Prepare for annihilation when 'The World's End' hits theaters August 23.

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