The world has been waiting patiently for the next film from director Edgar Wright and actor/writer Simon Pegg. But there comes a time when we're going to stop being so patient.  Pegg, off filming 'Star Trek 2' for J.J. Abrams, took a break to update his fans on the status of 'The World's End', their follow-up to 'Shaun of the Dead' and 'Hot Fuzz.'


In a tweet this morning, Pegg said, "I know we took our sweet time but as soon as I get back from outer space, we can finish this thing once and for all."

"Outer space" being 'Star Trek 2' and "this thing" being 'The World's End. And how do we know it's 'The World's End?' Because Pegg also tweeted a picture of their 2nd draft of the script.

Dated February 5th, 2012 and credited to Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright, the script doesn't appear to reveal much (aside from its existence). But with a little help from our friend Photoshop, we can see a few of the words hiding behind the cover page.

For instance, the film seems to start with our lead character, named Gary, giving a voiceover.  It starts in the summer of 1990 as a group of students - Andy, Steven, Peter and Oliver - are at their last day of school before summer break. Gary, who's wearing a black trench coat, is called "The King" by his friends because, well, his name is Gary King. This opening scene appears to be a flashback; the shot is described as "rose-tinted and warm with nostalgia."

Of course, this is not a ton of vital information (what, pray tell, does this have to do with the end of the world?), but it's all we've really got on 'The World's End' and for fans of Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, this will have to do until Mr. Pegg returns from space.