Please cancel the rest of Monday because movie news will not get better than this. Young Adult was Jason Reitman’s last great film, and arguably his best film, period. Just as Young Adult’s Mavis returned home to reunite with her ex-boyfriend in an attempt to recreate her “best self,” so will Reitman reunite with Charlize Theron and screenwriter Diablo Cody in an attempt to recapture his best work.

Deadline reports that the Young Adult team of Theron, Reitman and Cody are in talks to reunite for another film based on a new script by Cody. Plot specifics are currently unavailable, though the story is said to center on motherhood — which is about as broad and vague as can be. Reitman and Cody previously explored motherhood in Juno, which won the latter a Best Original Screenplay Oscar back in 2008 for her screenwriting debut.

That film deftly ruminated on a teen’s unwanted pregnancy and the wife who desperately wanted a pregnancy of her own. In Young Adult, Theron expertly played the cynical, regressive Mavis, a woman who actively despised babies:

young adult

It’s unclear exactly what Cody and Reitman’s motherhood angle is for their new, untitled project, but is it too much to hope for a spiritual sequel in which Theron plays a similarly jaded woman who thinks a baby will solve her problems and instead discovers that she’s a terrible mother? Young Adult meets We Need to Talk About Kevin.

Reitman most recently directed Labor Day and Men, Women & Children, as well as several episodes of the Hulu original series Casual. In addition to last year’s underrated Ricki and the Flash, Cody wrote a screenplay draft for Sony’s live-action Barbie movie, and serves as writer and producer on Tig Notaro’s Amazon series One Mississippi.

Theron appears next in The Huntsman: Winter’s War, and recently wrapped production on The Coldest City with John Wick co-director David Leitch.

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