Do you often find yourself wishing you could wield the lightning power of the gods like Thor, the God of Thunder? Wish no longer, fanboys -- one ambitious Thor fan has built a fully functioning replica of Mjolnir, Thor's hammer that can emit an electrical discharge at will.

You too can shock your enemies into submission just like Thor -- if you've got some Tesla coils laying around and a little ingenuity. Caleb Kraft of Hackaday decided to up the ante on Mjolnir replicas by making one that is electrically charged, just like the real deal. Kraft collaborated with Tesla coil hobbyist Stacie Elaan, who creates Tesla coils and donates them to educational groups. Kraft says:

I had seen some videos of [Staci Elaan] showing off her battery-powered coils and I really liked her results. I figured, with her experience, she could probably do a better job than I could on getting the most bang out of a small package.

And he was right! Using a 12 volt coil, Kraft created this Mjolnir replica, that can emit an electrical discharge at will, thanks to the tiny coil inside the hammer.

Now, it won't actually hurt or maim or otherwise destroy your epic enemies with its 80,000 volt discharge, but it's still pretty damn cool, so maybe it'll at least surprise your enemies and make them think you're awesome?

Check out this video below to get the full lowdown on this awesome Mjolnir replica, which could come in handy for some Thor cosplay, but a disclaimer -- while it will summon the power of electricity, it will never give you Chris Hemsworth's abs or perfect hair.