Two teenager girls plotting the murder of an insufferable dirtbag man is an intriguing enough plot to reel in most. But there’s a lot more going on in Corey Finley’s debut, Thoroughbreds, a razor-sharp thriller that’s as twisted as it is funny. The film debuted at Sundance earlier this year (it was one of my favorites of the fest), and finally has its first full-length trailer.

Anya Taylor-Joy is the preppy Lily who’s tutoring her childhood best friend Amanda (Olivia Cooke), a social outcast who admits she literally has no feelings. The trailer opens with Amanda displaying her finely-tuned skill of crying on cue; a sociopath, indeed. After noticing Lily’s hatred towards her stepdad (Paul Sparks), she plans the seed to kill him. And thus begins a wild murder plot involving Anton Yelchin‘s (in one of his final roles) local drug dealer. Here’s the full synopsis:

Childhood friends Lily and Amanda reconnect in suburban Connecticut after years of growing apart. Lily has turned into a polished, upper-class teenager, with a fancy boarding school on her transcript and a coveted internship on her resume; Amanda has developed a sharp wit and her own particular attitude, but all in the process of becoming a social outcast. Though they initially seem completely at odds, the pair bond over Lily’s contempt for her oppressive stepfather, Mark, and as their friendship grows, they begin to bring out one another’s most destructive tendencies. Their ambitions lead them to hire a local hustler, Tim, and take matters into their own hands to set their lives straight.

The trailer is great, and does a solid job of capturing the twitchy energy (largely thanks to the unnerving, creaking score) and air of unease percolating across the film. But it does give away a little too much of some of the film’s best moments. If you want to be totally surprised by this delicious thriller, I’d advise sticking to the previously released teaser or going in cold. Thoroughbreds hits theaters March 9, 2018.

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