Actor Tim Robbins dabbled with directing but has been staying in front of the camera for the last decade, outside of some shorts and a couple television episodes. Now he's looking to return back to the director's chair as he takes on 'City of Lies.'

Tim Robbins just struck a deal with Endgame Entertainment to take on their latest picture, based off the novel 'Wenceslas Square' written by Arthur Phillips, says The Hollywood Reporter. The script is written by the likes of Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, centering on two spies who end up falling in love while completing their own missions in the city of Prague. 'City of Lies' originally had Phillip Noyce attached to direct but he leaped off due to... who knows what. Of course, we imagine it'll be littered with the (un)necessary action that generally fuels heavy espionage stories like this.

As we said, this isn't the first time that Tim Robbins has gotten behind the camera. He's written and directed a couple of pictures including 1995's  Oscar-winning 'Dead Man Walking' and 1999's 'Cradle Will Rock.' Of late, he's directed a couple of episodes of the HBO series 'Treme.'  We're happy to see Tim Robbins back directing again.