FX, the network that put its faith in 'The Shield' and 'Justified.' Tim Roth, the brilliant actor who has appeared in everything from 'Reservoir Dogs' to 'Rob Roy.' Alexander Cary, one of the executive producers on 'Homeland.' With these three components, we don't even need a title for the "bank robbery family drama" they're developing...we just want to know when we can watch it!

Deadline has the scoop, but there aren't too many details to chew on. All that we know is that the project "...is described as a drama about addiction, bank robbery, and an extremely volatile family dynamic." The show is currently in development, which means that it is far from a sure thing, but the subject matter feels like it would be right on home on FX, which has never shied away from gritty crime shows with unconventional (and awesome) lead actors.

This will be Roth's second starring role on an American television series following the moderately successful three season run of 'Lie to Me' (on which Cary was an executive producer and writer). Roth has frequently played nasty, rough characters with a penchant for violence, so maybe this cable drama will give him a chance to return to that mode after his years spent in the tamer waters of network television.