Like a great many series, Homeland found itself unexpectedly topical in Season 6 with homegrown insurgency and the challenges facing a female President. Now, Season 7 has three new regulars to play with, including Season 6’s Alex Jones analogue.

The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Jake Weber, Linus Roache and Maury Sterling have been elevated to series regular for Season 7, which itself will relocate production to Virginia. Sterling has recurred for years as surveillance expert Max, while Roache only made brief Season 6 appearances as President Keane (Elizabeth Marvel)’s new right-hand man, David Wellington.

The ascension of Weber is a bit more interesting, as the Dawn of the Dead and Hell on Wheels star first appeared this past season as Brett O’Keefe, an ultra-conservative alt-right radio host in the vein of Infowars’ Alex Jones. The role was itself elevated after the 2016 election, including a plotline focused on “fake news” and the troll farms that steer political conversation.

Elevating the three stars helps balance out the departure of series star Rupert Friend, and potentially F. Murray Abraham as well, who wasn’t listed among returning cast. The series will return to production this fall for an early 2018 debut, despite the year-long gap that saw Season 6 delayed to 2017. The series was also renewed through Season 8, with reports indicating the eighth year might be the last.

Stay tuned for the latest on Homeland Season 7 as it gears up for production.

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