We're curious to see what David Cronenberg will do with a television series, but he's definitely casting it to our interest. Tim Roth has signed on as the lead of Cronenberg's 'Knifeman,' which currently does not have a network.

Deadline Hollywood broke this news and informs that Roth will be playing "a radical, self-educated surgeon who will go to unorthodox lengths to uncover the secrets of the human body." Can you say "perfect for Cronenberg?" It's about to be taken out to networks, so hopefully it will find a home on a channel like HBO or Showtime where it won't have to worry about censorship (though channels like FX and AMC get away with a lot these days).

Roth would be coming off of his three years on 'Lie to Me,' so he's comfortable working in a television setting, while Cronenberg would be executive producing and directing the pilot episode - like many directors who dabble in television (for instance, Martin Scorsese doing the pilot of 'Boardwalk Empire' or Walter Hill helming the first episode of 'Deadwood.') Obviously whatever home it finds will dictate how far it goes, but from the description, it sounds like it could be 'Dead Ringers' the TV show, which would be fascinating to see Friday nights on NBC.