Let TV’s love of vampires or movie reboots never cease! Up next on the assembly line is TNT’s rendition of cult horror favorite Let the Right One In, albeit one sure to raise questions of keeping child actors realistically unaged.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, TNT has issued a pilot order to the property based on the best-selling Swedish book by John Ajvide Lindqvist, which itself became the 2008 Tomas Alfredson movie, and subsequently the 2010 American Let Me In remake with Chloe Moretz under Matt Reeves’ direction. This time around, Teen Wolf showrunner Jeff Davis will write the project, which was previously developed at A&E and potentially eyed for Showtime.

As inspired by the 2008 film, TNT’s Let the Right One In follows a young boy tormented by his classmates, who befriends a young female vampire and her caretaker in a small Vermont town. Casting for the young roles has already begun, but don’t ask us how multi-season immortal child roles would work. Says TNT:

Let the Right One In combines elements of horror, revenge thriller and adolescent romance into an unforgettable and truly unsettling tale. This novel is a watershed of rich storytelling, making it an abundant source from which Jeff, Marty, Becky and Simon will bring to life in this all-new adaptation.

Watch the original trailer below, and stay tuned for the latest.