Screenwriter Tom Gormican makes his directorial debut with 'That Awkward Moment', starring Zac Efron (who also executive produced the film), Michael B. Jordan, Miles Teller and Imogen Poots. We sat down with the director to talk about the pressures of his first time in the driver's seat, his personal inspirations for the script (which he wrote), working with the cast and how the film's surprise post-credits cameo came about.

Gormican recently wrote the script for an adaptation of Emily Post's 'Etiquette' and the comedy 'Save the Date.' He'll follow up 'That Awkward Moment' with another directorial run, this time on a Warner Bros. film that is set in Macau, China and likened to 'Ocean's 11.'

'That Awkward Moment' hits theaters this Friday, January 31.