Moreso than True Detective, HBO’s criminal justice thriller The Night Of was always intended as a one-off miniseries. And while The Night Of may have proven more critically success than commercial, talk has continually swirled of a second season, which star Michael K. Williams says HBO would be “deaf, dumb, and stupid” to ignore.

The Assassin’s Creed and The Wire star spoke to Entertainment Weekly on the prospect of a second season, which wouldn’t necessarily include his inmate character Freddy Knight, or any Season 1 stars, for that matter. Williams argued that HBO should certainly push for a second season, though the creators might not agree so easily:

HBO would be deaf, dumb, and stupid to not want to do another season of this. However, from what I gather from [creators] Richard Price and Steven Zaillian, there is no amount of money that you can just throw at them to piece together a shabby excuse for a season 2 of what we created. If it didn’t fit, it ain’t happening.

Where previously executive producer, writer and director Steven Zaillian said he’d be open to a second season of The Night Of, HBO boss Casey Bloys intimated in October that Zaillian was actively pondering a new subject.

Do you want another season of “The Night Of”?

Yes, absolutely. The only issue with doing another season is for them to come up with an idea that excites them. Steve [Zaillian] and Richard [Price] are talking and sharing ideas. I think it’ll be a longer process, probably. Both of them take their time and will only do something they’re really passionate and excited about. They’re not going to do another season just to do another season. […]

My guess is, it would be [one case in a season]. I think they’re talking about a lot of different variations, so at this point, all I know is that they’re talking about it. They haven’t come to us with anything. They’re just trying to get themselves excited about a take.

The original UK Criminal Justice similarly went on to a second season featuring new cast and story, though Zaillian may try to keep star John Turturro in the cast, if not current star du jour Riz Ahmed.

HBO may come forth with more solid Season 2 plans in 2017, but does Williams have a point about The Night Of deserving another shot?

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