If you’re going to see Dunkirk in a few weeks, we hope it’s for Christopher Nolan’s intense and super-visceral direction and not to hear Tom Hardy say a lot of stuff out loud.

That’s because, according to the tweet below from Jason Guerrasio of Business Insider, Hardy doesn’t have much dialogue in Dunkirk. And “much” in kind of an understatement:

We asked Jason if he counted Mr. Hardy’s lines to see if that was an exact number. He replied that he was just going off memory and the number was “around 10.” We also asked someone else who’s seen Dunkirk, and they confirmed that that number sounds right. (“He doesn't do a lot of talking,” is how they put it.)

Now we haven’t seen Dunkirk yet, but we think we can take a pretty educated guess of what Tom Hardy’s 10 lines are.

  1. “Look out!”
  2. “Get down!”
  3. “Okay boys, fire away.”
  4. “<Unintelligible mumbling #1>”
  5. “Locke-d and loaded” <Just before shooting plane guns>
  6. “Good show.”
  7. “Where is he? Where is he?”
  8. “There he is! Dead ahead!”
  9. “<Unintelligible mumbling #2>”
  10. “When the beaches of France are clear, then you have my permission to die.”

And there you have it. Let’s reconvene right here, after Dunkirk opens in theaters on July 21, to see how many we got right. (We’re guessing at least 9/10. But we’ll see. There might be one more unintelligible mumbling than we initially predicted.)

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