This is already the greatest film decision ever: Two of the best working actors -- Tom Hardy and Michael Shannon -- are going to star in the same film. At the same time. And everything was beautiful and nothing hurt ever again.

Variety reports that Tom Hardy will reprise his role in the big screen adaptation of the Brett C. Leonard play 'The Long Red Road.' Michael Shannon has also joined the cast, which means we're already figuring out how to make t-shirts out of this.

Hardy will reprise his role from the play of Sam, an alcoholic who's been spending too much time trying to will his problems away with a bottle of liquor on the Indian reservation where he lives. But Sam will have to examine his life and the choices that brought him to where he is when a stranger rolls up on his home turf and forces him to take an honest look at himself and his past.

Shannon will play Hardy's brother. Let us repeat this: Michael Shannon will play Tom Hardy's brother. If you people aren't lined up two days in advance for this movie, then we've lost all faith in humanity.

A director has not yet been chosen, but Leonard is said to be adapting his own play for the film.