In the tradition of ScreenCrush series like You Think You Know Movies and You Think You Know TV comes a new YouTube series: Top Five! Each week (or so; we’ve got a lot of other stuff going on), ScreenCrush editor and critic Matt Singer will count down a particular topic from the world of movies (and probably write these introductory posts in the third person).

With exactly one month to go before the debut of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, it seemed like a good time to look back to that great series’ past. But rather than ranking anything from the actual movies by Lucasfilm, we decided to list a few of the many movies that copied Star Wars’ setting, style, and tone to make a quick buck drafting off the popularity of the most popular science-fiction saga in history. Today on Top Five we’re counting down the most shameless Star Wars rip-offs of all time. So grab your lightsaber (excuse me, laser sword) and fire up your droid (excuse me, robot) for all the adventure you can handle that happened a lengthy while in the past in a star system a great distance from our own.

Top Five is a ScreenCrush original series that ranks all kinds of cool stuff from the world of movies. This is our ninth episode, so check out some of our past episodes below (including our list of the weirdest Star Wars toys ever made). Plus, we want your feedback, so be sure to let us know what Top Fives you want to see in future episodes! And don’t forget to subscribe to the ScreenCrush YouTube channel below to catch all our future episodes. Until next time, may the Force (to copy Star Wars) be with you.

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