After 'The Amazing Spider-Man' unleashed about 25 minutes of footage online before release, it seems that Sony - the studio behind it and the upcoming 'Total Recall' remake - have decided that it's better to put out less of their movies. We've now had two clips from 'Total Recall' and the sum total of clippage is about eighty seconds.

This one plays up 'Breaking Bad' star Bryan Cranston in his role as Cohaagen, who wants Colin Farrell's character alive. It's not a very impressive scene, not as impressive as the last clip, but perhaps because 'Breaking Bad' has never been hotter, it's a good idea to get Cranston's face out there. Cranston has been offered a lot of movies because of 'BB' and recently appeared in 'John Carter,' 'Rock of Ages,' provided a voice for  'Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted,' and will be in Ben Affleck's film 'Argo' this fall.

Currently 'Breaking Bad' is close to the best thing on television. We're skeptical that 'Total Recall' will be the best movie to come out that week. The 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' sequel 'Dog Days' comes out the same day, and if they can stick the landing with the end of that trilogy, it could be breathtaking. We'll know for sure when both pictures open August 3.

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