Recently, we showed you a comparison between the first trailer for the remake of 'Total Recall' and the original film. And if that trailer had some similarities, it could be argued that perhaps it was edited to remind viewers of the original. The latest trailer lifts scenes wholesale.

Colin Farrell is in the Arnold Schwarzenegger role, and so much of what you might remember from the original is now in this trailer. Remember when the main character's wife (here played by Kate Beckinsale) turned on him in a split second and went from loving to lethal? Check. Remember when they brought someone in to tell him that he was going insane, and still in the chair at recall? Check. Remember the woman with three boobies? Check!

Other than the film not involving Mars (that we know of), and no presence of the Johnny Cabs, this looks like director Len Wiseman took the original script and had the new writers cut and replace names in lieu of doing anything new. Perhaps they think the best way to get people in is to remind them of the Schwarzenegger film, or perhaps they think - twenty years on - that most audiences will have no memory of the original. The new 'Total Recall' is due August 3.