The last time we saw Woody and Buzz in their own movie they were in the warm and loving care of Bonnie. Sure, we got a sneak peek at their lives post-'Toy Story 3' in the 'Toy Story Toons,' but do you want another feature length movie made about our lovable group of plastic toys? Of course you do. That's why Disney is gearing up to make two more, but this time they're not releasing them in theaters nationwide.

Big Screen Animation reports that not only will we get 'Toy Story 4' and 'Toy Story 5' but we'll be seeing them on television instead. The first one will be airing on October 2013 while the second one makes its way onto television in the spring of 2014. Boy, Pixar certainly does not want to let go of 'Toy Story.'

On top of that, Pixar is planning on making three more 'Toy Story Toons.' We're not entirely sure where Disney will attach them, perhaps they'll be on the television movies or in feature films, but its safe to say that we'll all be looking forward to them.

Now here's hoping that 'Toy Story 4' and 'Toy Story 5' won't leave us bawling on our couches before the commercial breaks.