The Tracy Morgan comeback train has officially left the station, between the 30 Rock star’s triumphant public return to last night’s 2015 Emmy Awards, and an upcoming SNL return to firmly put the 2014 auto accident behind him. We can also once again expect Morgan to headline his own FXX series, as the recovered comedian assures that development will resume.

Early 2014 had seen the announcement of Morgan’s Untitled Tracy Morgan Project, given a 10-episode order and half-hour format, developed by It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia team Rob McElhenney, Charlie Day, Glenn Howerton and Luvh Rakhe. FX previously assured that the series would wait for Morgan’s recovery, following the Jersey Turnpike accident in June, while Morgan himself last night confirmed to THR that development would resume:

We will do it. As long as I got a breath in my body, we will do it. I will conspire to make [people] laugh forever.

Naturally, Morgan had nothing to offer in the way of a timeline, adding that very little work had progressed on his October 17 SNL return, lest anything risk jeopardizing his recovery. “One thing at time, one thing at a time,” echoed Morgan in the interview. “I don’t want to be overwhelmed with things. I’ve had a long year, and I don’t want to be overwhelmed.”

No doubt SNL will prove a truer measure of Tracy Morgan’s ability to handle a showbiz return, but what might his FXX future look like?