'The Imposter' is the kind of documentary that could never be adapted into a regular feature. Not because it's not cinematic (it is) and not because it's lacking in drama (it's not), but because this is a true story so bizarre, so incredible and so shocking in its implications that no audience sitting down for a "fictional" film would believe what they saw on screen. You can watch the trailer for this incredible film below.

Shot and edited in a style reminiscent of Errol Morris, 'The Imposter' blends traditional talking heads and actual footage with beautifully shot re-enactments, lending the film the look and propulsion of a thriller. You may think that this trailer gives away too much, but you're not getting any major revelations that don't come in the first half hour...you truly have no idea what an incredible, wild journey this film has for you. It's a chilling little masterpiece and one of the best films of the year so far.

You can watch the trailer as God intended over on Apple Trailers or you can click on the YouTube video under this sentence.