With shooting right around the corner, Michael Bay's 'Transformers 4' is rounding out its primary cast. We know it will star Mark Wahlberg, Kelsey Grammer, and a number of vehicles that will transform into robots, but now Sophia Myles has joined the cast.

This news comes from The Wrap, and If Myles's name sounds familiar, it's likely because there was a hot moment where she might have become a big star. She appeared in the first two 'Underworld' movies, played Lady Penelope in the live action version of 'Thunderbirds,' appeared as the titular Isolde in 'Tristan + Isolde' and was the leading lady in Terry Zwigof's 'Art School Confidential.' Unfortunately none of these starring roles were in successful movies, and so she found steady work in British television.

What's also worth watching is if the role amounts to anything. So far the female actresses in the 'Transformers' films can be divided into two categories: Eye candy, or older wacky women. In both cases, the parts aren't very substantial, but -- to be fair -- it's not like the male actors get anything better. Myles can play intelligent, so we'd guess that she's some sort of scientist or politician who also looks good running from giant transforming robots. 'Transformers 4' is set to hit theaters June 27, 2014.