Joseph Kosinski’s ‘Tron: Legacy’ wasn’t necessarily the sequel fans patiently waited nearly 30 years to see.

The convoluted sci-fi effort split critics right down the middle, earning a 50% Fresh grade on Rotten Tomatoes. But at the box office, ‘Legacy’ took in a healthy $400 million worldwide … enough to generate talk of a potential third installment. Which is exactly what ‘Legacy’ screenwriters Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz did while attending WonderCon in Anaheim.

The duo, in town to promote the television series ‘Once Upon a Time,’ revealed to io9 that they are co-producing ‘Tron 3’ but have hired writer Dave DiGilio to tackle scripting duties so that they can dedicate their time to the TV program. But they are involved in every creative step, and have held conversations with Kosinski about what might happen in the sequel.

Stop reading here if you haven’t seen ‘Tron: Legacy’ but still plan to, because things are about to get spoilery …

Still here? OK, so the site asked if Jeff Bridges’ character survived ‘Legacy,’ and if he’ll appear in the sequel.

Horowitz suggested, “I would say the definition of life and death in the digital realm ...”

“Will be explored in the sequel!” Kitsis finished.

But when asked how big of a part Quorra has in the sequel, the producers clammed up. Of course, we’re very early in the production stages, and no one has even asked Bridges if he’d be interested in returning to the franchise for a third effort. But given the fact that these stories take place in a computer program, recreating characters with Bridges’ likeness is simple, so long as everyone’s willing to play along.

‘Tron 3’ wouldn’t be in theaters for at least two more years (at the earliest), but it sounds like the ball – or light cycle – has begun rolling. Are you happy? Do you want more ‘Tron’ stories? Or do you feel that the franchise ran out of gas with ‘Legacy’ and needs to be retired?