Batman has a lot of cool gadgets that he's used throughout the years, but the most memorable one of them all is his Batmobile. Christopher Nolan's version of the caped superhero's mode of transportation ditched the name and has become slightly more realistic and cooler than ever before. So, do you want to see it in person (before you see it in 'The Dark Knight Rises') in a town near you?

The new Tumbler Tour does just that, bringing Batman's famed car across the nation. Not only will you be able to get a look at his sweet ride, but you'll be able to check out the Bat-Pod, the same one that was used in 'The Dark Knight' when the Joker obliterated his Tumbler.

So how can you get the chance to check out something this awesome? Go ahead and check out the official website for the Tumbler Tour which lists off the cities and dates that it may ride on over into your town. Plan accordingly to check this out before it drives away from your city.

And if you do happen to come across the Tumbler Tour, whether it'd be passing the truck on the freeway or seeing it when it makes a stop, make sure you take a picture of it. Tweet your pictures with the #TumblerTour hash tag or email the picture to in order to possibly be featured in the website gallery.

Don't forget, 'The Dark Knight Rises' will be released in theaters everywhere on July 20, 2012.