Excited to get your vroom-vroom on with Forza Motorsport 5? Feel like you'd want more content down the line even though you haven't played the game yet? Well, Turn 10's got good news for you!

An interview with Turn 10's Dan Greenawalt on Official Xbox Magazine UK has revealed the developer's plan when it comes to downloadable content and expanding players' experience with the game.

"The game is very configurable. So we can add new tools and road locales and regions for like a van class. I think the diversity is a big part of our strength. We have incredible depth across multiple axes. We have the depth of our garage diversity - do traditionally have SUVs, cars, trucks, racecars, all sorts," said Greenawalt.

Turn 10 is able to update the game seamlessly, giving them the freedom to tweak certain modes however they please.

"And it's not like it was a strategy like 'let's add wild things later' - it just happens. We get interest in it, we talk as a team," Greenawalt stated. "The nice thing is the game is so configurable that we can add things at will. We can add ten cars a month, just constantly releasing stuff, and the game will rearrange itself."

So there you have it, race fans. You could very well see updates rolling out from Turn 10 on a monthly basis with wild, new content updates sprucing up your gaming experience.

Let us know if you're excited for all the racing prospects when Forza Motorsport 5 is released with the Xbox One in November